Panasonic 3D Glasses
You want 3D Prescription Glasses from the top 3D Eyeware providers... LG, Sony, RealD, GunnarToshibaSamsungTrue Depth 3D,   Dimensional Optics, Panasonic, Oakley,
Ray-Ban and more…But they don’t exist yet! 

You may have seen press release’s announcing them but, you can’t buy them.

I wear glasses and love 3-D.  My only options are the ones found on this site.

Our premium 3D eyewear can be worn equally for comfort and performance in both the most widely used 3D theatre systems, certain current consumer electronic televisions, and more to be added soon.
Prescription 3D Glasses
Samsung 3D Presciption Ready
Avatar Glasses
Prescription 3D Ready, & 3D Clip-Ons, 3D Fit-Overs
Fit comfortably over
prescription glasses.
Sizes: Small / Medium / Large
Prescription 3D Glasses
RX 3D Optics
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3D Glasses
Prescription 3D Glasses
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Prescription 3D Glasses

Anaglyph 3D Clip-on Glasses
Fits Over Prescription Glasses
Sony TDGBR750 Titanium 3D Active Glasses

Made fromTitanium; light and stylish allowing an ergonomic design for the highest ever comfort.
Excellent color accuracy and high contrast.
Wide viewing angle allows you to sit where you want with Seamless synchronization for a clear precise image.

Comfortable fit, even when wearing prescription glasses!
Custom Made:
"Prescription 3D Glasses"
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QUIT wearing two pair of glasses to watch 3D

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